Friday, October 19, 2012

My first purchase..

First of all.. My name is Alice, and I'm 23.. Two weeks ago I found interesting web-site with tons of interesting stuff.. If you know, what I mean.. I'm talking about dildos.. Other sex toys are not really interesting for me.. Now I will tell you about my first purchase..

I will make some gorgeous pictures a bit later :)

Why I pick this one? Because now there is a company on, so using this coupon code 'GLASS39' I got this Dildo only for $24.95..

But lets move back to this purchase.. The thing is totally awesome, the feeling of this cold glass inside is unbelievable and the waviness adding extremely outstanding senses..

Actually it is my first usage of glassy dildos, and it's like hundred percent better than the regular pastic ones.. It's like using luxury Lexus cars after Opel.. I'm not sure that I will be able to describe all the feelings, I can just recommend you to try it by yourself.. I don't know for how long this capaign is still working, but I don't think it will last more than two months, so hurry up if you want to.. I will be back soon with more pictures of this purchase and maybe some new stuff :)